I’m often asked a bunch of questions. So I will post those questions here, when I am asked.

•Is knitting hard? – To a beginner, knitting can prove to be a bit challanging, especially when you know how to crochet. But, as with anything, the more you do it, the better you become at it and the easier it gets. Just remember there are two stitches you have to learn; the knit stitch, and the pearl stitch. As soon as you have those two stitches down, you can literally master the world of knitting.

•Do you do custom orders? – At this time, I do not do custom orders.  Due to keeping inventory for The Marketplace, as well as keeping up on birthday gifts, custom orders are a very rare product.  However, do not let this stop you from contacting me about it.  If you have patience, I may  be able to collaborate with you!

•Can you teach me how to knit? – Of course!

•Do you have a rocking chair and a house full of cats? – No.

•You’re very creative, aren’t you? – Indeed. Sometimes it scares me.


what say you?

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