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Oh Brother.

15 Dec

So i have this knitting machine.  Its a Brother KnitKing 260.  I kindly got it from a good family friend and I’ve tried using it every now and again, which obviously is not enough.  After the first few passes, the stitches are either dropped or looped and after searching for troubleshooting, it seems i will have to take the whole thing apart and do a bit of maintenance on it.  Now its just up to finding manuals for it to help me do so as it seems hard to find a place around here that does work with knitting machines or even places that have classes for it.
I am excited to use it, however. 
Not much has taken flight since my last update in the crafting world.  Trying at selling the wristwarmers again at The Marketplace this year, when i checked just before Halloween, none of them had sold, so i have to get over there to see if that has changed.
I started another scarf with the illusion knitting, about halfway done but had to stop due to NaNoWriMo!  I made 58k words in November and still have a long ways to go in the story before it is finished, which I’m saving for camp nano.
I’ve found a few patterns for straight needle slippers and have half of one knit.  I started it last night and got too tired to finish, so those are still on them. 
Otherwise its just been a struggle to get into a crafty mode lately. 
Can’t remember if i have mentioned it before or not, but i inquired a new kitten last August.  He’s now going onto 6 months old, a tabby kitten i like to call Figaro…or Fig, for short.  Panther has finally taken a liking to him and has to be everywhere Fig is…and visaversa.  Its fun to watch them play together, and those moments i do get the yarn out, I’m battling 2 cats off me so naturally, projects are taking longer to finish.

Oh well, tis life =^^=

Here’s to happy knitting and merry holidays to all of you!


Blankets and wallets.

13 Oct

I believe i counted 18 squares. I have many more to go before my man’s blanket is finished. I wish i had more done as he’s sick (maybe with strep) and it would have been nice to have more than a 32″x32″ square done. I’m almost out of yarn, which doesnt help the point, so it will be a couple more weeks until it’s all said and done. Watched New Nightmare (my beloved Freddy Krueger) tonight and finished 3 Halloween themed duct tape wallets! One of them will have a happy owner soon, as my bff’s friend had asked for one.


Sorry for the bad picture…my phone’s camera spent do the cuteness justice, haha. The spiders kind of remind me of the dust balls from Spirited Away. I know i will definately have to make myself one of these! I kinda favor the one with the blue Jean stripes in it. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it gives it a patchwork feel to it that i absolutely adore! We had our first snow last week. Only about an inch fell, not enough to accumulate on the pavement though. Guess that means knitting and crocheting season is upon us! My fingers have already felt the pain of being wrapped in yarn for hours on end, i hope all your hands will be able to handle the projects of the upcoming season!