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So Much Knitting!

27 Jan

I have been commissioned to knit up 7 pairs of Bronco colored wrist warmers. I am currently halfway through the last pair!!! When all is said and done, I will have spent close to 55 hours on these gloves in just over 2 weeks, over 2 skeins of yarn, and I’ll be happy not to knit wrist warmers for a while. =OP
My fingers ache, my head is in a whirl, but I have had a chance to finish a few amazing audiobooks! Got through the last 2 Maze Runner books and found them quite thrilling, though at times I got angry at Thomas. Won’t spoil much for you guys in case you haven’t read it, but it’s called trust for a reason. Other than that, it’s the only issue I really had with the story line. One of my co-workers said he didn’t care for the series about halfway through the second book. I loved it. Though the last book could have done without most of the last few chapters (the Rat Man really started pissing me off), I did not find myself losing interest. In my opinion, it was better than the Divergent series (I couldn’t even finish the last book), which makes it immediately good.
Started on The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstein, read by the charming, handsome and brilliant Jim Dale. I’ve read reviews saying the book is slow moving and kind of boring; the characters aren’t easy to fall into. I have found it quite the opposite. The story isn’t slow. Descriptive? Maybe a little, but I challenge anyone to call anything descriptive after they’ve read The Gormenghast series…The Night Circus is perfectly descriptive meaning it tickles your senses enough to make you feel like you’re there. The story takes place in the latter part of the 1800’s, and mostly centers around the circus which is glorious, mysterious and wonderful. I am especially enthralled with the clock that keeps time using almost everything. Magic is the next level to the story. A duel is the next. I haven’t read enough of the story to grasp the full concept of what both characters are going to do, but I’ve read enough to say I can easily like both sides. It rushes through their adolescence, harboring now on the characters being in their late teens and their involvement in the circus. There are plenty of interesting characters that also fill up most of the pages. All of it is a story I keep going back to excitedly perched to hear the rest. Maybe it’s because I love Jim Dale’s narration; finding his voice comforting and the characters he plays realistic, or Jim Dale in entirety making this story one of the best I’ve read in a while. Whatever it is, highly recommended and I do agree with a bunch of other reviews liking it to a dream.

My thoughts and prayers are with those on the north east part of our country these next couple of days, but wherever you are, I hope this update finds you well, safe and happy!


Nostalgic Nightmares

13 May

When i was young, i used to love watching television.  The commercials also managed to keep my attention for a while, especially the McDonalds and Kids Crete Sparkling toothpaste commercials.

That is until i had a nightmare featuring the kids Crest Sparkling Toothpaste blob and Ronald McDonald…together.

I usually am reminded of this dream a couple of times a year, then forget about it in time.  Tonight, however, while painting my nails, my topcoat smelled of the kids create toothpaste from my youth and i was taken back to the morning i awoke, clutching a heart shaped pillow mygrndmother had made for me…which was also part of the dream…and was also disposed of shortly thereafter.

I had watched the wizard of oz a LOT as a kid, so it was no surprise that this nightmare took place in my own fantasy Kansas world.  A tornado had chased me, and with it, the pillow had somehow worked itself in to be a villain. This was only half unsettling.

Enter Ronald McDonald and the Blob.  They both claimed that my life would be saved from the tornado if i would only marry one of them.

For what felt like hours, they hounded my dream that night, each taking an arm and pulling me, forcing me to pick which one of them I’d marry.

To this day, just the sight of either character brings an evil shiver to my spine and has me wanting my mommy. 

Probably the reason why i don’t  care for clowns.  I’m not particularly scared of clowns…i just don’t like them.

Do you guys remember the blob?  Go YouTube him if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and get an idea of what i fear.  Picture him dueling it out with Ronald for my hand, and picture yourself as an 8 year old girl.

I haven’t yet had a dream about the only other character from my childhood that scares me…the McDonalds man-in-the-moon Guy.  For an extra spooky encounter, go look him up, too.

I assure you, once you see it…it can’t be unseen.

*shivers and whimpers*