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Oh Brother.

15 Dec

So i have this knitting machine.  Its a Brother KnitKing 260.  I kindly got it from a good family friend and I’ve tried using it every now and again, which obviously is not enough.  After the first few passes, the stitches are either dropped or looped and after searching for troubleshooting, it seems i will have to take the whole thing apart and do a bit of maintenance on it.  Now its just up to finding manuals for it to help me do so as it seems hard to find a place around here that does work with knitting machines or even places that have classes for it.
I am excited to use it, however. 
Not much has taken flight since my last update in the crafting world.  Trying at selling the wristwarmers again at The Marketplace this year, when i checked just before Halloween, none of them had sold, so i have to get over there to see if that has changed.
I started another scarf with the illusion knitting, about halfway done but had to stop due to NaNoWriMo!  I made 58k words in November and still have a long ways to go in the story before it is finished, which I’m saving for camp nano.
I’ve found a few patterns for straight needle slippers and have half of one knit.  I started it last night and got too tired to finish, so those are still on them. 
Otherwise its just been a struggle to get into a crafty mode lately. 
Can’t remember if i have mentioned it before or not, but i inquired a new kitten last August.  He’s now going onto 6 months old, a tabby kitten i like to call Figaro…or Fig, for short.  Panther has finally taken a liking to him and has to be everywhere Fig is…and visaversa.  Its fun to watch them play together, and those moments i do get the yarn out, I’m battling 2 cats off me so naturally, projects are taking longer to finish.

Oh well, tis life =^^=

Here’s to happy knitting and merry holidays to all of you!


The Monster.

5 Jan

An old family friend was speaking to my Nana about her knitting machine.  She had asked if my Nana knew anyone interested in purchasing one, to which my Nana mentioned that i had thought about getting one.  It was then that i became the new proud owner of a knitting machine =)

Though i was in the market for a small, table top one that they sell at craft stores, this knitting machine definately surpasses all that i had dreamed of being able to do!  I do have to look for a manual that will teach me how to use it, as the videos I’ve searched and attempted seem to not fully explain the casting on row well enough.  I tried it the first day i got it, and when i took the weights off it unraveled.
It could be that the part i was using is five time too large and what i had rigged up didn’t help that part.

Though I’ll still make things by hand, getting this machine has opened up new opportunities for me and actually granting me more time to make stuff that i could sell!
One of my resolutions this year is to get more serious about my market so this really is a great moment!

Until i get it up and working, my needles have been put to good use!