35 minutes until I can Nano my butt off!

1 Apr

Currently at work, my eyes seem to be glued to the clock.  I have mad butterflies in my stomach and I’m pretty sure my intestines can’t clinch any tighter.  Thus, the beginning of Camp Nanowrimo! I’m so excited to start writing, I can’t even begin to tell you how much my mind is wandering to those first few words.  I have decided against posting on the forums, or even writing them down on a piece of paper while I’m here at work due to the fact that I may get on a roll then have to stop to go home.  I fear not being able to pick it up again.

So I’m opting for writing a quick blog.

I visited my cabin.  Claimed my bunk, and am now comfy cozy at home.  My cabin mates all seem to be great so far, I just introduced myself, but they seem to talk more than last April’s Camp, which is always a good thing.  There’s just something about having to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with people who can’t even say ‘good morning’ to you.  

Thirty minutes to go.  I should probably be busy doing something else.  In security, there’s always cameras on you, and I have one over my shoulder right now.  My left shoulder to be exact.  It’s placed about ten feet off the wall and aimed directly at the computer I’m sitting at.  I’m a rebel, I know.  At least I can type without looking at my fingers, I’m still watching the cameras in between checking the clock.  Yay multitasking!

I’m also excited because in one month and two days, it will be my 30th birthday.  My 20’s were wonderful, but I’m ready to move onto that next level.  I’m hoping not to hear ‘you’re still a baby’ as much as I did when I can officially call myself thirty.  There’s just a bias against twenty-somethings that you can never really shake no matter how much wisdom you put into something.  People older than me will always be that way, and I have accepted being younger than them, but at the same time, how old do I have to get before that ‘baby’ label is wiped off my front?! 

Oh well.  I have closing duties to do.  

For everyone who is Camping along with the rest of us, good luck!


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