Illusion Scarf

9 May

So I’m working on an illusion/shadow scarf…if you couldn’t tell from my last post.  I figured I’d post a pic of what it looks like!  This was just a tester swatch that i bonded off and gave to my friend, Jo. 


When views straight on, it appears as stripes.


From an angle, the pattern shows!

This is a really super easy scarf to make.  Beginners can also do it, as it only uses knit ans purl stitches.  No fancy work.  As i stated in my last post, it can be confusing when you start, but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy.  I think it knots up quick only because of the pattern.  The picture show about a pattern and a half length–just enough to wrap around Jo’s neck. 

I haven’t attempted making any patterns of my own yet, but it seams simple enough that I’ve already started a few that i can’t wait to try!

Happy crafting everyone!


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