Snow Berries!

24 Feb

Its been too long. I apologize. I was on a craft block there for a while, but i can feel myself getting over that. Quite fast, actually. My rent is being raised, and though i can still afford an extra $65/month, i fear that in the future, a possible second job may be needed. I don’t want to work in a business of any sort, so i am taking this as a kick in the butt which is propelling me to pick up my needles, dinks, and tape, and craft again. We are under a winter warning here in Denver, a blizzard watch to be honest. So i have taken this snowy morning and decided to throw berries with it. Ha ha, ok, so snow makes me ‘punny’ it seems. From one of my lobby doors, the visibility has been cut to about 1/6th of a mile as the snow is falling. And since i don’t have a view of the sunrise this morning, i have been nestled warm and comfortable on my bed, needles in hand beginning another Half-a-Berry scarf. I have to fight my cat away from the yarn I’m working with, and pluck cat hairs off of my work as i go, but my Catching Fire audiobooks (the second in the Hunger Games series) has my attention, often times making me recount my stitches to make sure the story hasn’t taken off with my concentration. This is my third tike listening to this book, and i can tell you it captures me like the first, every time. By the way, November 22nd, 2013…are ya ready? I am. I have knit the Half-a-Berry scarf before in earlier posts. It’s my take on the Raspberry stitch (i often forget what row i am on, so i cut out row 3 and just stick to the first 2). For those interested: Multiples of 4. Row 1: *(k1, p1, k1) in same stitch, p3tog* across row. Row 2: purl Repeat these two rows for pattern. The bumpy side is the right side, and the side you should purl on when its facing you should you put it down and forget where you were.


I cannot remzmver what brands the yarns are (I’ve had them for too long), but i do believe the colorful one is Yarn Bee and the black one is Red Heart (may be I Love This Yarn, but i don’t feel its soft enough to be such). I hope you all are staying warm, wherever you are!


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