The Monster.

5 Jan

An old family friend was speaking to my Nana about her knitting machine.  She had asked if my Nana knew anyone interested in purchasing one, to which my Nana mentioned that i had thought about getting one.  It was then that i became the new proud owner of a knitting machine =)

Though i was in the market for a small, table top one that they sell at craft stores, this knitting machine definately surpasses all that i had dreamed of being able to do!  I do have to look for a manual that will teach me how to use it, as the videos I’ve searched and attempted seem to not fully explain the casting on row well enough.  I tried it the first day i got it, and when i took the weights off it unraveled.
It could be that the part i was using is five time too large and what i had rigged up didn’t help that part.

Though I’ll still make things by hand, getting this machine has opened up new opportunities for me and actually granting me more time to make stuff that i could sell!
One of my resolutions this year is to get more serious about my market so this really is a great moment!

Until i get it up and working, my needles have been put to good use!



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