Christmas Time

16 Dec

I’ve got half of my Christmas shopping done.  Then i got the bright idea to make a Santa hat with beard for everyone.  Me and my bright ideas. 
With two weeks…wait…one week? A week and some odd days to go, i have a feeling that i will be quite stressed out by the time Christmas rolls around.  I hope all of you were smart enough to start your Christmas projects a long time ago! Haha.
I’m crocheting these hats, only because its working in the round and i gave up knitting in the round years ago.  Not to mention, being crunched on time, crocheting seems to work up quicker.  Though i am definately still a beginner at crocheting, it’s coming along splendidly so far!  I ghetto a feeling, though, that working on the beard part is going to take some getting used to.  The pattern mentions something about reversed stitches, and until I’m actually doing it, it didn’t make much sense in my head, lol!
The project is one i found for free at red heart if memory serves me…and i am sure you’ll find the exact one by doing a Google search (it seems to be the only pattern available on my phone).  It says its for intermediate crocheters…three of the four blond are filled and so far, i have been following it without any problems so my ego boost has been extremely high…we’ll just have to see, like i said, with the beard part. 

Wishing all of you warm and stress free holidays!


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