25 Nov


My friend LOVES pandas. So I’m making some for her Christmas gift! This little gut is only about 5″ tall. Hopefully I’ll be smart enough to figure out how to do a larger one lol. I think he’s cute either way =^^= Got 2 baby hats knit…though they’re different sizes, so I’ll need to decide which size is better, then make a third one to match. I also started making some booties, but messed up the pattern a few rows after i noticed…so i ended up ripping them out to start anew. With NaNoWriMo ending (and yes, i did hit my 50k on November 17th!!) I’ll be having PLENTY of time to craft again! That is, between editing my story. For those of you interested in my writings and other musings, i update Imaginarius rather often and hope to put up a couple of teaser chapters when i get stuff edited and closer to trying to put it on the market!! I’m excited for that =) going independent with this one. Hopefully it’ll bring decent results. Of not, i have more stories planned and will continue onward as i enjoy it and know there’s at least a handful of people that will too…even if it is just friends and family. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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