Bunny Baby Hat

22 Oct


Isn’t this hat just darling?! One of my friends is expecting a couple of kiddo’s, so i figured I’d knit up a few goodies for her.  Saw a pattern for this hat and fell in love with it immediately.  It took about three hours to complete.  If you want the pattern, please click the link!

Baby Bunny Newborn Hat

I changed a few things…using  9.5US needles as i don’t have 10.5’s available right now.  And for the ears, instead of the 6 rows of St St, i did 10…and its still not enough to knot them at the base as the pattern has them. If i do, they’d just look like little knobs at the top of the hat…no ears.

With the hats I’ll be making, i am also looking at a couple of different Teddy bears to knit up and send along as well.  The bear happily modeling the hat is Edward, I’ve had him for fifteen years and he has been through everything with me.  Not knit, but factory made.  Either way, i strongly believe kids should have stuffed animals galore to share their lives with, handmade or not =^^=. 


what say you?

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