Blankets and wallets.

13 Oct

I believe i counted 18 squares. I have many more to go before my man’s blanket is finished. I wish i had more done as he’s sick (maybe with strep) and it would have been nice to have more than a 32″x32″ square done. I’m almost out of yarn, which doesnt help the point, so it will be a couple more weeks until it’s all said and done. Watched New Nightmare (my beloved Freddy Krueger) tonight and finished 3 Halloween themed duct tape wallets! One of them will have a happy owner soon, as my bff’s friend had asked for one.


Sorry for the bad picture…my phone’s camera spent do the cuteness justice, haha. The spiders kind of remind me of the dust balls from Spirited Away. I know i will definately have to make myself one of these! I kinda favor the one with the blue Jean stripes in it. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it gives it a patchwork feel to it that i absolutely adore! We had our first snow last week. Only about an inch fell, not enough to accumulate on the pavement though. Guess that means knitting and crocheting season is upon us! My fingers have already felt the pain of being wrapped in yarn for hours on end, i hope all your hands will be able to handle the projects of the upcoming season!


what say you?

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