Baby blanket

7 Sep

One of my co-workers has a sister who is preggo and wants someone to make a baby blanket.  He told her he knowssomeone who does stuff like that.


I am halfway through with making it and would really love to post a picture, but my WordPress app isn’t cooperating with adding pictures to my posts. 

Sad day.

I’m going to try adding one by taking a picture of it, instead of trying to add it through my gallery.  I hope that works.

It’s crocheted, white, pink and a yarn with a mix of pinks and purples.  So far its turning out beautifully! Can’t wait to finish it.  I’m hoping by the time i go to bed tonight, it will be all done. 
I’ve got Uncle Tom’s Cabin on my audible right now, and 4 hours left until part 2.  My goal is tohave the blanket done by then.




what say you?

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