Kick It.

8 Jul

My newest addiction is making Footbags…or as they’re more commonly known as, Hacky Sacks!  I tried knitting one, however, i noticed that i didn’t have the right size needles, therefore my footbag would end up turning out twice as large as it should, i switched to crocheting one instead.  All the better though.   I much prefer the look of the crocheted over the knitted one, as i grew up playing with the crocheted ones.  If only i had a sewing machine, i could make the leather sand bags as well! There’s only a handful of these old on Etsy and they’re all about $5-$6 each, so i may have to make a few more of these and start my store finally!  Still deciding.  The nearest post office is about 5 miles away from me, and i don’t think my Chevrolegs would care to walk that far every time i have to ship an order.  May try selling at The Marketplace first! We’ll just have to wait and see, i guess!


what say you?

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