Those busy moments in life.

18 May

Hey there all!

The past couple of months have been rather busy in my real world life.  Though I haven’t been able to knit as much as I like, I have made two pairs of wrist warmers for my fall stash, started a third pair, made a baby blanket that I actually crocheted for a friend and started one of my bears to add to that gift as well! It’s been slow moving though.
A few months ago, when I caught a bad cold and had allergies stack at the same time, I did nothing but watch as many Bob Ross shows my cable would let me, which had also stated a painting obsession.  Hopefully in the near future I’ll be brave enough to start selling my artwork as well! Right now everything I have been painting would look the best hung in a child’s bedroom, haha.  They’re cute though, and wouldn’t mind selling those as well if I can find buyers who are looking for this kind of stuff.

Work has been a rollercoaster of craziness, and I am in the running to be promoted to a supervisor position, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Oh! I switched my phone, too…which had been the main reason for my hiatus from updating the bloggie.  But now that I have become accustomed to thend new phone, I will be able to post more often!  Theres a great excitement for me in that!

I hope every ones craft time has been plentiful!


A kitty.

(hmmm…I can’t get this app to post more than one picture 😦 …so for now enjoy my latest finished piece of artwork inspired by the shrinky dink jewelry I made previously!)


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