Cat’s Got Your Jewels

3 Mar


The other day my cat, Panther, sat down in front of me, his back toward me, and posed almost as if he was begging me to doodle him. Instantly, I grabbed a pencil and a scrap piece of paper and came up with something that looked like this. During a slow time at work, I drew a quick doodle, refining what I already ha in my head and came up with how I wanted these earrings to look like.


After work, I tagged along with my friend, Jozette, and while she and her gang talked and giggled, I had my head downward, coming up with yet another idea that had flittered into my brain…I had forgot to feed my cat and what a better idea than to add a kibble bracelet to the earrings!


When I’m bored, I search through the clip art on my computer to help inspire me on my doodles. In the ‘cat’ section of the clip art, there’s a picture of a cat’s face behind a fish bowl. It only took me a few minutes to make up a charm that would be included in the bracelet. I was a little too excited over everything and soon passed out from over-exertion.


I spent this weekend crafting up the newest addition to the 3DKnits line. I’m excited to get these bracelets and earrings out there into the world!


And I hope you find these as cute and charming as I do.



what say you?

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