A Peek Into The Future

23 Feb

I’m an avid Coast to Coast AM fan. For those of you who havent heard of this marvelous radio talk show, it’s five hours of paranormal goodness! Highly recomended! Tonight, they had the first hour filled with a guy reading tarot cards and an idea hit me so strong, I couldn’t resist. At first, I was thinking that I could knit a tarot card deck…then noticed that it would need some planning. So I turned to my lovely Shrinky Dinks. Right now I’m only making the templates of a full deck of Tarot Cards. With it, I plan on making jewelry! I know I’m not the first one to come up with this idea, but I figured that I can doodle fairly well, therefore my Tarot jewelry can add to the mystifying art.
The first thought I had was to theme it with smiley faces. They’re very versatile and something I’ve had years of practice drawing. Other than stick figures, I consider myself a pro. The Tarot deck has 78 cards, and that mixed with smilies, I have an infinite amount of choices that will give me hours and hours of fun!


My first ever Tarot Deck that I still have and will pull out a few times a year when I need some sort of ‘other worldly’ direction is a deck drawn out by one of my all time favorite artists, Brian Froud. This deck is base on Faeries and has been true to its word, sometimes scar-ily so. If I’m not in the mood for a reading, even just looking at the magnificent pictures is always refreshing. When I first got the deck, I used to pick a card weekly, and display it on my bedroom mirror; they’re that pretty! Even my mother enjoyed looking through the deck from time to time, and asking me for readings.


Though my templates are far from the final production, I couldn’t help but share! They’re backwards because I prefer to have the drawing on the frosted side of the Shrinky Dinks and the front show through to the shiny side. Unfortunately, I only have the clear Dinky’s right now, which can only be used with permanent marker. I can use my own sand paper to make a frosted side-or spend some time outside scratching one surface with the sidewalk…but I’m looking forward to doodling my heart out and just buying a package of frosted Dinks.


Otherwise, for those of you interested in an update of my knitting, I am still making my gloves for sale at The Marketplace but plan on slowing down here. Because I want to get ahead of the season, I am planning on spending the spring and summer seasons making a huge stock of gloves (and maybe a few other trinkets). I’ll keep The Marketplace stocked with gloves, but only a couple because though Knitting is considered something for fall and winter time, these gloves can help keep fingers and wrists warm when comes down to freezing, air conditioned offices.
I have a custom order, something that I have to go shopping for within the next week to gather the yarn in the colors of my customers needs, so maybe I’ll consider making more custom orders for others. Normally, because knitting is time consuming and my hectic work schedule, custom orders are usually turned down. However, due to the changing of the seasons, custom orders may become more of a possibility =)

Oh! And before I forget, The Marketplace is changing their name! A Touch of Colorado is their new name, so should you try searching them out and come across some heartburn in it, try that.


what say you?

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