Learn To Knit!

6 Feb

Though I wanted to be in bed a few hours ago, I couldn’t help myself but to make a couple of ‘How To’s’ for knitting! Expect the videos to be up sometime by the end of the week! I must warn you, they were made for a friend, so they are far from ‘professional’ what with my hesitating moments, stammering through explaining and yes, even cracking a few lame jokes.
However, it gets the point across and will hopefully have a non-knitter (God save their souls) knitting within hours!

I cover the basics; Casting On, the Knit Stitch (Garter Stitch), the Purl Stitch (like the Garter Stitch), Stockinette Stitch, 2×2 Ribbing (easy patterns for 1×1, basket weave and Moss Stitch included), Binding Off and even how I hold my yarn!
On Tuesday, hopefully, I’ll be sitting down for tea with my bestie and teaching her the basics before we have to go to work. The only downfall is that she’s left handed and I’m a right handed knitter, so hopefully we can come to terms with our differences. Haha. Hopefully, in no time, she’ll be good to go and helping me make inventory to sell! Or even starting up her own thang!

So, until then, get pumped for some crazy learning times for those of you who wish to learn, and thank you to the handful of readers I have picked up in the past few weeks with my nonsensical blogging! *big hugs!*


Isn’t this just precious?! I can’t remember the link, but it’s posted on Etsy. This is not my work and is in no way affiliated with me, just something I thought I’d share for inspiration!


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