Those Warm Fuzzies

4 Feb

Well I did it. I finished Cubano’s gifts! I keep fretting that the scarf is too girly, then I look at it again, and think differently. It’s soft and warm, and made from Yarn Bee fleece yarn, and Lion Brand Homespun. The Yarn Bee is much thicker than the Homespun, which should have effected the ending look by making it look chunky, but by some miracle, it flows nicely and not noticeable-except for feel.


The hat, I’ve made once before for James when he visited a few months ago. Every time I get to the decrease rows, I freak out. It decreases from 80 stitches down to 10 stitches in a matter of 13 rows, which isn’t much, but by the time I get the suggested 8 inches finished for the hat, I freak out that it’s too big! However, it turned out fine both times. For James’s cap, I folded the brim up in the front and stitched it so it stayed up. I didn’t do that for this cap, as I’m not sure how big Cubano’s head is. It runs down into the eyes a little bit, but it isn’t bothersome, so it should be fine.


The wrist warmers are the same as I’ve posted before. Both the hat and the warmers were made in I Love This Yarn, yarn, in the color black.


I folded it up and packaged it together with a black ribbon. I’m excited to give it to him! The snow is still falling, over knee deep here in Lakewood, Colorado. Though the temperature is oddly warm, for me, I imagine he’s colder than a snowman. We had a power outage earlier that lasted for about an hour, which was fun for me and was a little sad the power came back on when I was ready to hit my needles. I was looking forward to knitting in candlelight. I’m hoping all of you are staying warm, wherever you are!




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