Weaving Sticks

18 Jan

While venturing around my local Hobby Lobby for possible upcoming birthday gifts, I came across these things called ‘Weaving Sticks.’ It’s a package that holds just five rods of plastic. One end is flat and has a hole, the other end is pointed like a knitting needle. There’s a picture of a lady wearing a scarf that isn’t exactly pretty, it’s more like something you’d expect to find dusty, rolled in a ball and forgotten in a corner of a thrift store.

However, for only nine dollars, I decided ‘what the hell,’ and picked it up. It seemed simple enough until I actually sat down and read the directions that are printed only on the back of the package. There’s no directions or picture patterns kept inside, which is a bummer as the directions they have are confusing after the fifth direction…at least for someone like me who needs to see, hear, and do to learn anything.

So, I hopped on the life saving YouTube, and came across a demo video that is really horrible (possibly more horrible than the scarf picture on the packaging), but is very informative…if you can stand the echo.
Of course it’s a cheesy tutorial, one that makes you want to laugh and say ‘are you for real,’ but seeing as there isn’t another tutorial on these Weaving Sticks, it’ll have to do (until I can try it out and get some practice in so I can make one, too).

I have posted the link to the video below for you crafters, in case you were interested in seeing these things in action. I’m quite surprised at how easy they really make it seem! Although, I have a feeling that holding it all in my hand to wrap the yarn around will take some getting used to. I’m also interested in seeing how a finished project is going to look in real life. I don’t think the yarns they used in the photo were the best choices; they could have picked a better color combo than pink and green (maybe its because it showed the design the wrapping makes?), but I figured that I could come up with a finished project that would look super cute! Who knows, right?

Until I can try these out for myself (life calls for the next couple of days, so hopefully it will be soon), you can believe I’ll be writing a review on this product!


Weaving Sticks Tutorial


2 Responses to “Weaving Sticks”

  1. Lyn 08/17/2012 at 7:09 pm #

    I went to my Loal Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and Jo Ann and they looked at me like I had spoke french…never heard of weaving sticks etc… if you have the upc on the packaging or some brand name so I can find them I would appreciate it

    • 3dknits 08/18/2012 at 3:37 am #

      Unfortunately i don’t have the packaging anymore, but i found a useful link here: http://www.emotiveyarns.com/shop/search.php?search_query=weaving+sticks

      Let me know if that helps you. If it doesn’t, i’ll be happy to help you research further =) i know there are YouTube videos on it…just type in’weaving sticks’ and you should find them with no problem. I haven’t looked yet, but maybe Amazon or EBay has a stock somewhere? When i found them at Hobby Lobby, they were the last ones and looked to be forgotten saith was crammed in with other yarn toys. I’m sure they’re very easy to make, if all else fails. Lol.

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