A Hook in Time

10 Jan

Guilty as charged. I have deceived my needles and have picked up a crochet hook. Though I’m not really ashamed…

It’s only taken me 8 years dabbling in and out of crocheting to actually begin to like it…at least the easy stuff. I have just recently found a YouTube video that shows how to make a simple granny square that I can actually follow and understand. She goes slow enough, but sometimes her repeating the phrase ‘if I’m going to fast you can stop and rewind the video’ and ‘a yarn over is…’ gets on my nerves.

After looking at the mass of left over yarn I have stashed between my bed and wall, I decided that I should at lead put it to good use, and knitting a blanket out of it seemed exhausting, so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to learn some outside skills! The granny squares I’m making are all double crochet stitches, and that’s about the only stitch I know, which is another reason I decide to go ahead and start a crochet project.

There are pros and cons to being a crocheting knitter, however. When knitting, you know exactly which stitch is going to come next; no counting loops that have already been made. Though crochet seems to work up faster, your eyes are always focused on the work. I can knit with my eyes closed, or gouging themselves on a gripping tv episode. I seem to break through the ply more with crocheting than I do with knitting, and tidiest feel as smooth.
With knitting, it’s easy to tell which way you’re working when the pattern is the same due to the work being on two needles, and the yarn always being in back of the work. In crochet, however it may be, I have found myself guessing which direction I have to go because I’m working with just one chain…though I’m sure if I study the directions of the V’s long enough (the pattern the chain makes), I’d be able to figure it out…

Either way, I can tell this will be an enjoyable side project and God willing, another addiction.



what say you?

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