Lattice ‘N Staches

5 Oct

Finished the first pair of lattice patterned warmers! Because of the amount of cabling used, they took twice as long to make, but the outcome is gorgeous! Especially with the mohair/acrylic yarn. Its fuzzy, and because the yarn is thin it’s also very light, but with the added mohair, the wrists who get these will be sure to stay comfy and warm! Also, because of this, they are a bit of a tighter fit so i will have to either use bigger needles or add a few stitches on to make them more fitting for people with wrists like mine–more meat, less bone! Lol.



After feeling overwhelmed with the warmers, i decided to play around with my love of finger ‘staches…you know, when one draws a moustache on their finger to hold under their nose for instant giggles? And came up with this:


A few adjustments will need to be made before i even think of pitching the idea, or selling it at all, so hang in there and your fingers too may soon be adorned with sillyness



what say you?

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