Actual wristwarmers.

2 Oct

Theres only so much knitting of the same project i can handle at once, and though these little gems are almost the same thing, it gave me something to experiment with using different stitches.



This is a basic wristwarmer, made for just that. The new stitch i used here is all garter stitch, meaning just knit, no purling, save for the cables. Because this is the first time doing this stitch, there are a few minor mistakes, and the top inch that touches the palm didnt turn out as i had planned, but altogether im very happy with it. Its made with cheap acrylic yarn from my stash, and im sure something more luxorious would make these even better!



Though the pattern was simple for these ones, it takes a long time to knit up. Once again, all garter, and this took me an hour using my nice mohair and wool yarns to get a width of this. The color scheme, green and brown, are perfect for this fall season and its very soft and warm!



This the same pattern as the ones before, made with a tweed-ish yarn and acrylic black yarn. I love the colors in this, makes me think chic-punk-indy girl!

I have only made one of each, but i mix and match the last two and they look great! Tonight, before i have to force myswlf to sleep, i plan on starting the lattice wrist warmers, these ones to add into my sell pile. I came across the one lonely glove i made a few weeks back and decided that it actually looks really good; good enough to make a full pair. Not to mention, my new business cards came in that have ‘The Marketplace’ on them, so i’m excited to get started with those!


what say you?

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