Great Stuff, Man

21 Sep

So to start off, concert was fantastic! Though my cousin and i didnt get a chance to wear those gloves i made especially for that night die to the show being short and us not having to wait as long as we’re used to; the weather stayed fairly warm! A shame because i thought they were terribly cute. It’s ok though, we also forgot the glow sticks we bought to take. Never fails.


On another note, i only worked three hours today, which left me enough time to go to the craft store in the mall and pick up some new tapestry needles! I had found a skein of beautiful black yarn mixed with wool and mohair and sequins that i was going to pick up, but found, instead, a marvelous book on 50 different Garter Stitches! I squeeled, loudly, as i always love new patterns.


Since it’s still really early for me, i am going to snuggle down the moment i get home and try out one of these.

Very excited.


what say you?

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