That darned needle!

17 Sep

So i’ve nearly finished another pair of wristwarmers. Almost. I have this cat who loves plastic bags, and it just so happens that i keep all of my knitting supplies in one. Somehow he managed to claw open my double bagged stash and now ive lost my tapestry needles. Without those, i am stuck on the very last step in finishibg them off. Sure, i could use a crochet hook to threat the edges together, but after coming to love the ease and quickness the tapestry needle allowed me, crocheting them just isnt appitizing, so im putting them off for a little bit.

On the subject of needles, the ones i use are wooden, and with Colorado’s very dry air, they like to splinter easily at the tips. Ive picked out so many slivers in the past week, its amazing that i still have fingertips left! I know of a trick that i use for my violin; taking an empty plastic film canister, a piece of sponge and poking holes in the lid of the canister, wetting the sponge and storing it with my needles to make a humidifier. The only problem is i dont have any film canisters, so i only hope i still have the one i use with my violin in its case. Any other suggestions on how to stop this from happening is very welcome!

The yarn i was knitting with last night is a tweedy kind if material according to it’s packaging. The color grafients of purples, blues, greens and pinks are beautiful! I havent decided if i am to put this into my sell pile, my self pile, or my gifting pile. It’s acrylic fiber, but it’s bulky so it’s nice and warm. My main thought was to make another pair tonight so that my cousin and i could keep our wrists warm tomorrow night, as we are headed to a concert and we know that waiting for autographs after the show will be really chilly. Not to mention, it could be good advertising!

I have also been researching more cable stitches to make the wristwarmers look different. Ive found some really cute patterns that i really want to incorporate, so im very excited for that! This week to come is surely going to be busy!

Now if i can only find my tapestry needles!


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