13 Sep

With the left over alpaca yarn i had, i made these dainty little cuffs! I had just enough to make two of them, with about 24 inches left over.



I spent the past five hours knitting up another pair of wristwarmers for The Marketplace. Not sure if i start my day job at 2pm or 3pm, so im going in for the 2 o’clock time. If i do end up working at 3, i’ll just pop on over and show them what i have for them. It’s a win win situation there! The only downside is that i havent been to bed yet. Partly because i didnt want to miss my alarm! The power went out earlier this week while we were having an important event at work, which made me over sleep die to my alarm not going off and was late by an hour and ten minutes. Call it paranoia, i saw it as an opportunity to knit!

Hope all your tuesday goes well!


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