The Wristwarmers!

10 Sep

Usually i’m a quick knitter. Once i get into the grove, i notice every stitch happens a bit faster, and whatever i’m working on gets done fast. However, i have a habit of putting movies on when i knit, and when that happens, my knitting slows down about half. Though this project is easy and quick in itself, i find that it’s perfect for this habit. In a movie or two i know that i’ll have a pair of fingerless gloves made, and i get to keep up to date on today’s box office hits while i’m at it!–though i’m only really listening to the movie i put on rather than watching it. Sometimes, i’ll catch myself involved more with the televisipn than the needles and yarn in my hands, which often ends up with me having to rip out stitches that i messed up, often known as ‘knitting backwards’, or my favorite ‘tinking.’ It happens so often that i considered changing the name of my brand to ‘tink,’ but i dont think Disney would find that too amusing.

The first pair of gloves i’ve knitted were made while watching The Perfect Host. A grand movie with psychological twists that even i could keep up with with the parts i only heard. I much recommend this movie! The gloves, on the other hand, are made using Bernat Alpaca yarn (a warm blend of 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca). This will definately keep your wrists warm, though i’ve noticed on a trial wear that it can be a bit poky (as is expected from those natural fibers), but not itchy. Very nice nonetheless.




I’m still currently working on the next pair, made with Red Heart’s Botique Midnight yarn in the color Harvest Moon (65% acrylic 23% wool). Tonight i’m scanning the youtube world and watching documentaries on Alcatraz; a group of paranormal investigators going through it. I have a Pumpkin scented candle lit, a perfectly mixed Jack and Coke on my bedside table, and a kitty purring at my feet. What a beautiful way to end the day!




what say you?

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