First Try

2 Sep

Please excuse my lack of photo taking. There’s no bright lights in my apartment, so everything that isnt shot directly under a lamp doesnt show detail very much. The stuff i use for photo editing is all on my phone as well, which doesnt give me many options to enhance the picture much. But, since this is only to show you guys what ive done and not to press sales, this will have to do for now =)

I finished one glove, started on the second last night. I wont be able to work much on it due to plans, but just to give you an idea:



On the second glove, i’m going to be shedding a few stitches off as i felt it’s too big on my wrist. This thought was on my mind during the knitting of this glove, but i wanted to see how it would turn out first before i decided to rip it apart and turn over. With how versitile this yarn and design is, it stretches nicely, so slimming it down wont be much of a problem. Im also going to add a couple more repeats of the pattern to make it longer, this way it will feel more comfortable. The length i have this one at, it feels a bit odd as it cuts off just after the palm. Though it covers nicely and hand my hand roasting during the time i wore it last night, an extra inch will make it just that much more comfy.


what say you?

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