Cables and Fancy Yarn

29 Aug

Knitting with yarn other than the mounds you see in the sales racks at your local craft store can be a tedious chore! Im talking about the fancy stuff. The kinds of yarn that have an extra layer of angora hair, or the accent yarns that looks like fuzzy globs of yarn just thrown together for no good reason.

Right now, i dug into my stash and found four balls of yarn that i bought years ago. So long ago, in fact, that i no longer have the lables to them, as they have worn and torn through the years of being moved aeound and crammed into a Rubbermaid box because of my lack in organizational skills and space. From what i remember, the yarn is an acrylic, but it has added mohair, making it very soft and warm. I originally picked up the four balls in a dark silver and olive green color to make a Slytherin something or other, but just like many other projects, i had planned on making was never started. All for the better.

A quaint botique in the mall i work at, The Marketplace is interested in selling some driving gloves…or for simpler terms, fiingerless gloves. I went in today and showed them a few samples of my knitting. The single fingerless glove (my cat fell in love with the other one and made off with it somewhere), is made from your usual cotton blend yarn. They want something more fancy and sleek, something more expensive looking, and i cant blame them! Though i started making fingerless gloves for my own use at work, it only makes sence that the products i put out there for the public to purchase should be of quality.

Back on track here, i dug through my yarn stash and collected the fuzzy yarn that looks much different than my usual yarn choices. Casting the loops on my needles brought back memories of why i lost patience with the original plan. The mohair is frizzy, and with that comes snagging; getring each loop seperately takes twice as long as with regular yarn, but due to my excitement for providing The Marketplace with product, i pressed onward. I noticed the more i sruck with it, the easier it was to pick up my stitches without much heartburn.

I chose to deviate from my usual wristwarmer pattern as well, choosing a flattering lattice pattern to accentuate the yarn, as well as make it a bit thicker. I felt that my usual cabled design that i had found once on-line somewhere would not suffice this project.

So far, im about a third of the way done with this experimental pattern and im quickly falling in love with it. Though the lattice isnt showing up as clearly with a commercialized blend of yarn, it still makes this glove look enticing.

I can’t wait to hit up some yarn stores and broaden my horizons with this!


(the pattern as shown originally)

(my project in the making!)


what say you?

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