First Post!

22 Jan

Well, it’s becoming more and more official every day!  I’m on my way to starting my Etsy business.  That’s not going to be soon, though, so just hang tight for those of you who have mysteriously stumbled upon my page =)

With this blog, I am hoping to keep everyone updated on my struggles and succeedings of starting up 3D Knits for a little extra pocket cash.

Right now I’m concentrating on knitting up a bunch of inventory, so, really, there is no business right now.  I don’t mind.  Keeps me busy anyway. 

I am also hoping to speak with a few tenants in the mall that I work with, and see if they won’t let me sell a few of my things in their store.  I hope so.

Well, there you have it.  The basis for this blog =)  I will hopefully be updating it rather often; adding pictures, stories, and whatnot.  Please bookmark this site if it strikes your intrest, and feel free to hit up the subscription deali-o in the side bar to your left, to recieve e-mails when I update this blog.

Talk with you later!



One Response to “First Post!”

  1. Janet 09/02/2011 at 2:27 am #

    Consider it bookmarked!

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